Friday Fractions

Someone requested the full-sized version of the image used for the last FlashCast – I should note that most of the FC album art first cycles through my twitter feed, but I can’t blame people for not wanting to dig through my rambling, so I’ve made it available, above.

Feel free to click through for the largest available version.

I’ve mentioned it before, but there’s something about the weather in our new burg that has me constantly thinking in terms of horror film settings; a lot of rain, mist, fog, and creeping chills. Don’t consider this a complaint, on the contrary, it’s been quite helpful as far as mood building goes.

Anyhow – the other item I wanted to discuss was a recurring feature I’ve been considering. Many of the folks who swing by here, or subscribe to the podcast, have projects of their own. I’d like to instate a regular Friday spotlight on those folks and their feats.

As such, here’s a short list, in alphabetical order:

Reading this post and feeling like I’ve forgotten you? Or, reading this post and feeling like I’ve never even met you? Link your wares in the comments, and I’ll be sure to add you to the floggery.

Here There Be Updates: