Attack of the Revenge of the Return

Backyard planet

Last night the server apparently caught a case of the fall-overs, but, fearless chrononaut RetroJim, of Relic Radio, has applied the proper whips to the proper galley slaves, and everything seems to be back to normal.

While I’ve got your attention, however, I’d like to point out that friend of the site, Barry/BMJ2k, is celebrating his 500th post over at Mr Blog’s Tepid Ride ( – why not swing by and let him know how much you appreciate his constant slaving over a hot keyboard?

When you get back from that, the final item I might point out is last night’s episode, #162: The Last Pilgrimage, which is 19% more epic than the usual Flash Pulp. As I’ve mentioned previously, by the time we post a story I’ve usually grown to hate some aspect of it – not so this time.