What's What

Row-botsDue to the illness that laid me low earlier in the week, some changes to the schedule are necessary.

Rather than turn out inferior product in an attempt to catch up, I’m going to reset the schedule a bit – tonight’s story will go up tomorrow, (once the script has had a thorough wash & wax,) and FlashCast 22 will release on Sunday.

Next week we’ll be presenting a full trio of stories; it’s my hope that, by not killing myself in an attempt to make up for what is already lost, we’ll be able to release the week’s episodes around noon of their promised day.

Honestly, recent donations – many thanks Joe of the PRB and Jeff – have really lit a fire under my muse, but, while the spirit is willing, the mind is still a quivering heap of post-fever goo.

In the mean time, have you had an opportunity to listen to last night’s episode? Last week’s FlashCast?

Whatever the case, we appreciate your patience.