The State of the Pulp

FC23 in progressHello, and welcome to Monday.

I hope your weekend adventures went well – that whatever Nazis needed punching were thoroughly pummeled, that all ninja assaults were repelled, and that all giant robot attacks turned out to be misunderstandings resulting, eventually, in marshmallow roasts.

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We did record the latest FlashCast last night – unfortunately, however, due to a project glut in Skinner Co.’s Baby Tickling Department, Jessica May was pretty pooped, and the critical job of hacking out all of my jibber-jabber has yet to be completed.

As such, we’ll be posting FC23 tonight, and Mulligan will finish off The Family Legend tomorrow. I’ve some surprises ahead, so keep an eye out for the This Week posting, which the R&D folks should have in my hands shortly.