Puss in Boots

Kitten in a shoe, found at http://www.smosh.comI was doing a bit of research, and I came across this interesting/horrifying bit of information:

In 1893, an anonymous “A Veterinary Surgeon” wrote “The Diseases of Dogs and Cats” described the neutering of male cats. The cat was immobilised by rolling it in a blanket and the operation carried out without anaesthetic. This vet did not recommend the “Wellington boot” whereby a cat was thrust face down in a boot and the operation carried out quickly with a small knife (giving rise to the modern day joke of “welly boot and penknife” when booking a tomcat in for neutering).

Cats and Cat Care

On the other hand, at least the kitties could have their Tony Montana moment first.

An owner could insist on anaesthetics of chloroform or cocaine at additional cost. These were relatively dangerous and it was easy to overdose the cat.

Cats and Cat Care