Getting Around

Northrop Flying Wing DiagramFor the majority of the day I’ve had my mind stuck on two wildly different methodologies of travel.

Have you heard of the Northrop Flying Wing? We’ve certainly discussed the concept before, but I’d never encountered footage of this beast till now, and I can’t help but to, again, imagine a future we never had:

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Thirty years later, in April 1980, Jack Northrop, now quite elderly and wheel chair bound, was taken back to the company he founded. There, he was ushered into a classified area and shown a scale model of the Air Force’s forthcoming but still classified Advanced Technology Bomber, which would become known as the B-2A; a sleek Flying Wing. Looking over its all-wing design, Northrop was reported to have said: “I know why God has kept me alive for the past 25 years.”


What could possibly be competing with this beautiful monster for my brain-space?

Ancient, giant, wombats – aka diprotodons.

This particular wombat is generally thought to be the largest marsupial to ever walk the Earth. They weighed nearly 7,000 pounds and were as much as 14 feet long. The new skeleton dates back to about two million years ago, but these creatures went extinct only recently, roughly 50,000 years ago.


Give me a team, saddles, a bit of DNA, and the most advanced bio-engineering lab humanity has ever known, and I will bring back polo as something people actually care about.
Re-creation of massive wombat (from the io9 article)Traffic jams certainly wouldn’t be a concern this all-terrain colossus – and they even come with a mouthful of built-in anti-theft devices.