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FCM020 – The Picard Phase

FCM020 - The Picard Phase
Welcome to Flash Pulp Minisode 020 – The Picard Phase
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FlashCast 019 – Monster Lessons

FC019 - Monster Lessons[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/skinner/FlashCast019.mp3](Download/iTunes)

Hello, and welcome to FlashCast episode nineteen – prepare yourself for Nazis, 9/11, bumpers, Bin Laden fiction, and Erica Moen.

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9/11 Truth

Judy Wood is a name well known in some circles – some regard her as an expert on her topic of choice, the truth behind 9/11.

She has a fairly large section on her website debunking the myth of a thermite-based controlled demolition, (the most common story I’ve encountered when I’ve bothered to wet my toes in crazy,) while constantly expounding the importance of the scientific method.

So, if not a case of basic engineering meeting fiery airplanes, nor a thermite conspiracy, what then is the truth according to Judy Woods?


My generation has finally found its own puff of smoke on the grassy knoll.