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Women vs Pop Culture

The Ties That BindFound strangled to death, with his own tie, three days later.

After my recent post regarding the problems with older films, I got thinking about gender and popular culture.

I choose to believe this is sarcasm.

You mean a woman could shatter it over the edge
of a table and ram the jagged end into your condescending man-bits?

Locating examples of vintage chauvinistic advertising is depressingly easy.

Hard to tell if this is any better than the original ad, which, instead of “wives”, said “black people.”

What’s frustrating, to me at least, is that there seems to be a general assumption that these are relics of some ancient past, and not, say, something our own parents would have commonly seen in magazines lying around the house.
To be fair, that man is happy just to kill ANYONE.

Is it always illegal to be drunk at work? Don’t ask Mr Hobo.

I’m sure glad we’ve moved beyond our chauvinistic past.
Which is more vomit inducing, the ad or the sandwich?Gang-rape is never funny.

Women and Imps


I’ve noticed an odd advertising trend. It seems to me there aren’t any supernatural uber-beings trying to sell products to men. Why is this?


Maybe I’m approaching the question from the wrong direction: Why do advertisers feel a need to push products on women using the voice of a being that ought to be well beyond human comprehension? Do advertisers believe women to be more superstitious┬áthan men?


Why aren’t I turning on the TV to see Nazg├╗l attempting to sell me razors?

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