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The Goods

This is basically going to be a post collecting my week together – nothing extravagant, more just a brief tour through the recent highlights of my twitter feed.

Mr Seven is now Mr Eight. In celebration we went to visit Mr. Chuck E. Cheese.

DucksBased on an older design that used real boxers and real ducks.

gargoylesThere was also a “Deal Or No Deal” machine that was frequented exclusively by people over 40.

I still don’t get why a restaurant would present a super-sized rodent as their mascot. “Come to Taco Heaven and meet our mascot, Sammy Salmonella.”

I did get to play some Space Invaders on a stand-up arcade unit, however, so I’ll give the disease-carrier a pass.

The Venerable Visible V8

The Visible V8

I was digging through picasa the other day and came across this image I shot in the wood paneled basement of an extended family member.

Sweetest Kit Ever.

As a kid I would have gotten about half way through assembly and lost interest, but now that I’m an old man I know how to covet a toy properly.

(By assembling it once, then leaving it somewhere to safely gather dust.)

Maybe for my next ebay-birthday.

Self-serve drive thru

Things have been madness lately, pregnancy should really come with a hibernation period – for everyone involved. I did however come up with a quick list of creative gift ideas for those people who will shortly be hassling me for birthday/Christmas suggestions.

  • An audible subscription – Audible is an audio book site that has a library full of stuff I’d like to have on my iPhone.
  • If none of the others on this list tickles your fancy, a Kivo certificate would make an excellent choice. Essentially it’s the equivalent of giving cash, but in the interim the money is micro-lent to people in need. Feel good about not putting any thought into your gift!