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Country Living (In The Grass)

Can you identify what this is?

(Quick hint: it wasn’t that flat until it had suffered through some farmer’s traffic.)
Flat Snake Cage?

Here’s the lid, if that helps:

Snake Cage Lid?

I could be wrong, but I believe it’s an abandoned snake enclosure. It isn’t the first I’ve come across while on a country stroll*.

My best guess – based on the fact that it appears the former owners simply cracked the lid and ran – is that the size of the thing had gotten to a point where it worried them, so they released it into the “wilds” of a corn field.

I’m glad that whatever it was (baby Burmese Python?) is now slithering about somewhere on my block.

The truth is, these people may as well have taken a rock and cracked the poor bugger’s skull open. This is no easy area for an exotic pet to be wandering.

*At least this one was relatively small.

Country Life Redux

Living in the country is weird.

I’m out walking the dog early on a Sunday evening and I pass my neighbour from down the road standing by his truck.

I throw him a wave, hoping he’ll see I have headphones on and won’t try to start up a conversation.

It’s then that I realize that he can’t wave back – he’s loitering behind his truck to conceal the fact that both of his hands are busy keeping his pants dry while he relieves himself.