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FPSE35 – Agent 021

Welcome to Flash Pulp Special Episode #35.

Flash PulpTonight we present Agent 021

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Flash Pulp is an experiment in broadcasting fresh pulp stories in the modern age – three to ten minutes of fiction brought to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Tonight we find ourselves awakening alongside an international man of mystery with a tragic secret.


Agent 021

Written by J.R.D. Skinner
Art and Narration by Opopanax
and Audio produced by Jessica May


FPSE35 - Agent 021


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FlashCast 42 – Old Timey

FC42 - Old Timey

Hello, and welcome to FlashCast episode forty-two – prepare yourself for hill folk, free stickers, dead toes, chimney sweeps, the open sea, and Will Coffin.

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    October 31:

  • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
  • [youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzKajYGKMY4]

  • The Leopard Man
  • [youtube_sc url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGDQ0xNxZjQ]


  • Carlos the Jackal is going to trial
  • The new Bond film has a terrible title
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    This week’s review – Freaks:

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    Rogue Sandwich Meat Roams New York Streets

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    The Thirteenth Chime

    St. Stephen's Bell Tower

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    A Captain Pigheart Tale

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    Captain Pigheart

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  • Colorado Joe
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    Sunday Summary: Chainsaws & James Bond

    Messy Accusations

    Hyacinth heart

    Jim Bont

    This is a scan from the back of an old Green Lantern comic I had kicking around my office.

    The game was so lacking in fun they had to make up a bunch of fake reviews, passed off as comedy, to try and sell it – a ploy so lame that it limps home with “The Boston Orb”, which isn’t even trying to be humourous so much as just not lawsuit inducing.

    In the end, despite the fact that it was pretty widely advertised, “James Bond As Seen In Octopussy”, (the official title) never made it to market. There’s a bit of conjecture out there as to what happened, but I’m betting that listening to the  same 8 bars of the Bond theme while murdering an endless supply of generic bandits atop The Möbius Strip Express is something closer to secret agent hell than a game.