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FCM019 – Roadtrip!

FCM019 - Roadtrip
Welcome to Flash Pulp Minisode 019 – Roadtrip!
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Intro and outro work provided by Jay Langejans of The New Fiction Writers podcast.

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Shocking Fashion

Ladies, have you ever thought to yourself, “I need to electrocute another human being from at least ten feet away, but my current anti-personnel solution just isn’t feminine enough?”

Well, the Taser C2 has you covered.
Pink Taser C2
Package includes a built in tactical flash light, laser sight, and one TASER cartridge!

Although, please note:

However, an electrostatic discharge can come from many sources. When an electrostatic discharge, regardless of the source, contacts the front of a TASER Cartridge, it is possible for the cartridge to discharge. Therefore, avoid contact between static electricity and the TASER Cartridge because static electricity can cause unexpected discharge. – Taser C2 Manual

So, be sure not to have any other static creating items in your purse, and be doubly sure not to rub it against any balloons*!

(*Despite the concern, I’m sure the C2 is still a lot of fun at children’s birthday parties!)