Wonder Years

I’m mostly posting this for the lovely Jessica, since she can’t stand being made to feel bad by other people’s awkwardness.

This was one of the earliest memes I remember covering the internet from end to end – I seem to recall it was also one of the first to be set to music, although that music now seems to be lost. This was first a tripod page, where the video’s only image was also taken from. The site would automatically begin playing a looping wav file of the poor little bugger, a wav file which was later ripped down and sent around seperately.

Mike Blount – the kid in question – has unsurprisingly been unable to avoid the internet for the rest of his life, and thus has had to accept his early stardom and even parlay it into his own later-life blog.


There was, in a sense, a happy ending to all of this – Mike eventually realized he didn’t even want a future girlfriend, what he wanted was a future boyfriend.