'Av at 'er? Ugh.

This article about an Avatar 3-D pornographic rip-off has been making the rounds:

Hustler announces that its version of the environmentally themed blockbuster will be the company’s highest-budget production to date.

Director James Cameron has seen plenty of parodies of his science fiction film “Avatar”, but porn giant Hustler is the first to offer a take on the mega-blockbuster in three dimensions.

In a weird way, this will be an interesting test – historically, where pornography has gone, technology and art have followed. My money is still on 3D as a passing fad, but who knows, maybe cartoony, three-dimensional genitalia is where the technology really hits its stride.

They’ll need to overcome a major hurdle however: I can’t think of a single decent pun to sexualize the title ‘Avatar’.