You Again?

Sometimes CNN gets confused and requires a little help.

I am here to provide that clarification.

All of these items are from today’s front page.
Chilean Miners Traveling BandThey forgot the punctuation on this one, but my guess is, based on the recent reunions of both The Backstreet Boys and The New Kids On The Block, and the depressed look on these people’s faces, that Menudo is about to announce a comeback tour for its late-’70s line-up.

Haunting Questions

  • That ghost-Priest that keeps interrupting sexually-charged moments to scold unmarried fornicators.
  • Well, we wanted to save up enough money for a place that wasn’t haunted first.
  • At least it’s better than cutting loud-mouthed Uncle Teddy.

Harry Potter I’ve never heard of this scrappy Potter kid, hopefully this gets him some press coverage.

FacebookThe afterlife is full of people trying to get me to play Mafia Wars? I’ll pass.