How About a Little Break?

Break Time - found at must admit, rather shamefacedly, that I hadn’t realized that elevenses was actually a real thing. I think the concept of tea time is globally acknowledged, but the tradition of a morning snack somehow escaped my notice.

From the wikipedia:

In the United Kingdom, Ireland and some Commonwealth realms, elevenses is a snack that is similar to afternoon tea, but eaten in the morning. It is generally less savoury than brunch, and might consist of some cake or biscuits with a cup of tea. The name refers to the time of day that it is taken: around 11 am.

Which sounds nice – who doesn’t like a little cake, at any time of day?

Still, it seems to me that America may have one-upped the custom, with an – unfortunately forgotten – late-morning interlude of their own.

From an article in The New York Times

Employers were expected to supply spirits over the course of the workday; in fact, the modern coffee break began as a late-morning whiskey break called ”the elevenses.”

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