Dog in a wrestling ringWill there come a day when we grow nostalgic over how bad search engines used to be?

Will perfect results destroy the sort of lateral trail that leads you through a chain of poorly designed angelfire sites, focused largely on kittens, only to bring you suddenly face-to-face with the exciting niche-hobby of kite fighting?

From an article on Gudiparan bazi

Before the war began, It was a form of sport that many took to the status of art. From the designs and sizes of kites to the making of unbreakable tar (wire), for many this became a matter of honor to compete in who’s who among the best kite fighters in their neigborhood. This addicting sport absorbed many young Afghans, even during the war.


The Fight (Jang) – In order to have a kite fight, 2 kites had to be airborne simultaneously at a close proximity. As soon as the wire of these two kites contacted each other, the fight had began.

I, for one, will miss the days when an image search for pulp magazine covers turns up a guy in a Nintendo power glove giving me the finger, and a picture of a chihuahua as the king of the rubber wrestlers.