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Dread Pirate Roberts

Dread Pirate Roberts

Am I wrong in assuming that The Dread Pirate Roberts, (and thus, Westley) has killed quite a number of people?

Is there some loophole I missed, or do we just sort of play down that aspect of the character?

(I realize you could get away with things like that back then, but it still seems like a pretty brutal character point for a kid’s movie.)


Paranormal Activist


We watched Paranormal Activity over the weekend.

The characters were never really developed beyond “Reasonable Girlfriend” and “Jerkass Boyfriend”, and it opens with a few of the old fashioned loud noise/fake out scares that you might expect, but in the end it was a pretty effective little movie.

The nature of a faux-handheld camera movie frees you to not worry so much about character development, and the scares are well deployed and interesting enough to keep even a hardened enthusiast, such as myself, entertained.

Actually, in an odd way,  it reminded me of Ju-on, the original version of The Grudge. Relatively simple horror stories, using relatively simple effects, each made more effective by their “home made” nature.

More Wild Things

CNN has an article up reporting that some parents are complaining about the Where The Wild Things Are movie.

Might I suggest they stick to watching things more their speed, and leave the good movies for the kids smart enough to understand them.

Here’s something they can get excited about:


[If I wasn’t clear enough in my last post, I thought the film was fantastic, and so did the two six year olds I brought with me.]

Queer Movie Selections?

Strange Offering

This is a screenshot from my satellite TV provider’s website – it’s one of those outfits where you can select a number of packages to make up your larger channel line up. In fact, these are two of the possible packages you can select. Can you spot the difference?

Why the need for the two separate packages? Are there really hillbillies out there who can’t handle having one channel of the gay?

The Good Earth (The Odd Casting Choices)

Paul Muni as Wang, The Farmer

I’ve got half an eye on The Good Earth, with Paul Muni, on Turner Classic Movies.

I can believe Muni as the Chinese farmer, Wang. Muni is great at his craft and he seems to have approached the role in earnest – but the actor playing his Dad sounds like Pa Kettle; I keep expecting the camera to find this aging “Asian” father, knee deep in a rice paddy, only to have him start shouting about not messing with Texas.

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