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1950 cover of FUTURE
Hello, and welcome to Saturday.

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We’ll be recording FlashCast 25 tomorrow, and we’re – as always – interested to hear what you have to say regarding Flash Pulp, pulp culture, or pulp in your orange juice.

Text or audio commentaries can be sent to, or you can call in to the voicemail line at (206) 338-2792.

If neither of those work for you, feel free to leave a comment on this post, and we’ll read it on the show.

Programming Notes: Say Hello

Smith & WinnipegWe’ll be releasing FlashCast 24 tonight. If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, insane stories, or personal outcries, that you’d like to hear on the show, please call our voicemail line at (206) 338-2792, or email us text or mp3s to

There’s quite a number of folks who listen, but are never heard – to those of you I say: come, step out from the shadows, we’re all just Flashers here. If you don’t like how your message is going, just hang up and call again. We’ll only play the best of the bunch, and we’re happy to discard the rest.

In other news: this evening’s show will also contain the (relatively) big announcement that I was mentioning on Saturday.

Teeth Shattering News

FP177 is going to be slightly delayed. Sgt Smith isn’t cooperating, and when I tried good cop/bad cop, he hooked me one in the mouth. It will be up sometime early Sunday afternoon. I apologize, but I’d rather not rush it – I think you’ll see why when the episode makes its way into the tubes.

On the other hand, we’ll be making a big announcement tomorrow regarding an addition to the Skinner Co. empire.

Stay tuned!

The State of the Pulp

FC23 in progressHello, and welcome to Monday.

I hope your weekend adventures went well – that whatever Nazis needed punching were thoroughly pummeled, that all ninja assaults were repelled, and that all giant robot attacks turned out to be misunderstandings resulting, eventually, in marshmallow roasts.

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We did record the latest FlashCast last night – unfortunately, however, due to a project glut in Skinner Co.’s Baby Tickling Department, Jessica May was pretty pooped, and the critical job of hacking out all of my jibber-jabber has yet to be completed.

As such, we’ll be posting FC23 tonight, and Mulligan will finish off The Family Legend tomorrow. I’ve some surprises ahead, so keep an eye out for the This Week posting, which the R&D folks should have in my hands shortly.

What's What

Row-botsDue to the illness that laid me low earlier in the week, some changes to the schedule are necessary.

Rather than turn out inferior product in an attempt to catch up, I’m going to reset the schedule a bit – tonight’s story will go up tomorrow, (once the script has had a thorough wash & wax,) and FlashCast 22 will release on Sunday.

Next week we’ll be presenting a full trio of stories; it’s my hope that, by not killing myself in an attempt to make up for what is already lost, we’ll be able to release the week’s episodes around noon of their promised day.

Honestly, recent donations – many thanks Joe of the PRB and Jeff – have really lit a fire under my muse, but, while the spirit is willing, the mind is still a quivering heap of post-fever goo.

In the mean time, have you had an opportunity to listen to last night’s episode? Last week’s FlashCast?

Whatever the case, we appreciate your patience.

Parenting Pro-Tip

Still from 28 Days Later
Having multiple school-aged children is like licking a mangy goat that’s just finished wildly rampaging through the scariest of the Center for Disease Control’s storage freezers.

Either burn everything they’ve worn in their school day and put them through a series of intense radiation baths, or consider living in a hazmat suit for sixteen years.

I may install a kiddie pool full of antibacterial hand-sanitizer in the front yard.
Kiddie Pool

Tonight's FlashCast

Due to technical issues – including, but not limited to, the wrath of the heavens – tonight’s episode is delayed until tomorrow.

Even now, I write this message with only a paraffin glow and a thumb nail applied to the cave wall.

If traffic logs are any indication, the majority of you are off enjoying your long weekend anyhow, so let’s say we all meet up here Monday morning.