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Sunday Summary: Rapture & Remakes

School's Out

L'il White Flowers

The Warpath To Summer

Good News & Bad News

The good news is that friend of the site, Ray, has posted up the first in his series of Walker Journals!


Click through, subscribe, and give the man encouragement for his hard work.

The bad news is that FlashCast 02 is being delayed due to holiday-related commitments. Hopefully we’ll be able to record it after tomorrow’s Flash Pulp, but, if not, it may have to wait till Tuesday.

People Of The Future

It seems to me, given the abundance of high caloric menu items these days, that the people most fit to survive are the people who take in the least number of those calories, and expel as much of the junk as possible*.

Is the person of tomorrow a lean,  mean, pooping machine?

(*Although this may seem like a very Western-biased mindset, it is my pretty depressing belief that even the most starving nation will one day find itself awash in twinkies and pizza pockets.)