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True Crime Tuesday: Sir Mix-a-Lot Edition

Triple-X Western
Today’s True Crime Tuesday is all about how far people will go for love, be it by putting more junk in their trunk, or by putting THEIR junk in an equine trunk.

First up is the unfortunate tale of brony Andrew Mendoza, as conveyed by The Huffington Post. (These are screenshots of the police report PDF available on the HuffPo.)

I know I usually walk you through this sort of thing, but this is a journey you must make on your own – and, besides, I’m busy arming myself against the inevitable horseman uprising.

The sad horse tale of Andrew Mendoza

Rodeo Romances, December 1948

Mr. Ed, however, isn’t the only one with “saddle sores” – as Miami New Times reports:

A Pahokee man known alternately as Calvin Butler or Tameika Butler has been charged with injecting silicon into his patients’ butts in a West Palm Beach motel and closing the wounds with Krazy Glue.

Butler victimized several would-be patients at the motel, sheriffs say. And he went so far to protect himself as stalking one man to the hospital, barging into his room in a wig and a fur coat, and screaming, “You need to remember who the #**$ is in charge!”

I wonder if Mendoza used the same line?

One victim, a woman with a young child, went to the motel four times between September and October last year, the Palm Beach Post reports, paying $200 a pop for silicon injections.

When she developed “painful nodules” over the injections, Butler told her to take “warm baths” and massage the spots. She eventually ended up with swollen lymph nodes, a chronic cough and several hospital stays.

Just how badly was Butler conducting the procedure? I don’t doubt the symptoms, but I do wonder how butt injections lead to a chronic cough.

Another man ended up at the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center in December, where deputies found him with open sores on his ass where the injections were made.

The man, who later had to have parts of his butt surgically removed, says Butler charged him only $100 because he was a friend but told him he charged “strippers” $400 each. Furious that he’d gone to the hospital, Butler ended up berating him in his room, the sheriffs say.

Remember: Real friends don’t let friends get rented-room surgical procedures – it’s simply too much of a pain in the ass.

Hotel Nurse by Ruth Dorset

True Crime Tuesday: Reality Check Edition

Hot Rod by Henry Gregor Felsen

Today’s True Crime Tuesday takes a peek behind the police reports to reveal the difference between criminal fiction and reality.

First up, let us consider a very real car chase set off by a fellow by the name of Korrin Harmon.

In the movie version our criminal would be driving a stolen sports car, or at least a juiced Honda Civic. In reality, however, he drives a station wagon.


According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Coolidge police initially tried to pull over 34-year-old Korrin Harmon for speeding in his station wagon around 8:20 p.m. on Saturday.

Harmon pulled over at a place called “Bob’s Service Station,” and an officer went to talk to Harmon about the speeding, but Harmon took off, and started driving through a field, according to information provided by PCSO.

“Bob’s Service Station”? I wouldn’t have believed it if I’d seen it on the big screen. Creatively, it’s barely one rung above dialing a 555 number.

At least, as far as car chases go, Harmon was courteous to his passengers.

Eventually, Harmon pulled over again and let out his three passengers. The officer who first tried to pull over Harmon detained the three passengers, while Harmon sped off again.

Several Coolidge cops started getting close to Harmon a short time later, and Harmon turned off, hitting a residential gas meter, and got lodged in a six-foot chain-link fence.

Even after this, Harmon tried to keep going, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

This, of course, is the time when our hero, Officer Broadchin, should step in and undertake an amazing maneuver/act of bravery – right?

At that time, one of the Coolidge officers tried to shoot out one of Harmon’s tires to keep him from continuing the chase, and his bullet rebounded off the metal rim, and hit another officer in the cheek.

Realizing the next ricochet might have his name on it, Korrin quickly surrendered.

Women In Crime

So: If we can’t have a film worthy high-speed showdown, perhaps we can turn to a properly dramatic crime of passion?

As reports:

Schumann, 51 of Vero Beach, and her 42-year-old husband had been going through a divorce. She hadn’t been living in their formerly shared apartment for months, but showed up late at night on December 21. [She] found her estranged hubby in bed with his new 33-year-old girlfriend and did not react well.

Schumann barged into the bedroom with a rifle and pointed it at the girlfriend while calling her a whore. She also allegedly said, “I’ll fucking kill you both.”

Now that’s a scene worthy of a Meryl Streep performance.

The husband was able to wrestle the gun away from Schumann, but during the fracas she kicked the girlfriend twice in the stomach.

A surprising turn! Spurned romance! Brutality! Streep would take an Oscar for this one – or, possibly some sort of fetish award. Whatever the case, no one can argue that she didn’t give a shit.

After being disarmed, Schumann peed on the carpet and defecated on the kitchen floor.

Having marked her territory, she dug deep to get in touch with her hate for the holiday season.

She then found yet another rifle in a downstairs closet, and went on a rampage while destroying several Christmas decorations.

Fortunately, no one (except perhaps whoever had to clean the carpets) was hurt.
Fringe Benefits

True Crime Tuesday: That Doesn't Go There Edition

Poisons Unknown by Frank Kane

This week’s True Crime Tuesday is largely an unpleasant combination of love and misplaced chemicals – to quote Nazareth, the Scottish rockers, “love hurts, love scars, love wounds, and mars,” and, sometimes, love tries to kill you in unexpected ways.

Savage Glenn sent in this The Week report:

The intended victim, a 43-year-old man who has not been named, says his wife tried to lure him into bed and encouraged him to perform oral sex on her.

– which is, admittedly, not a common opening gambit for murder.

His suspicions were aroused when he noticed an unusual odour emanating from her private parts and, fearing she was unwell, took her to hospital, Brazil’s Tvi24 reports.

It’s always a bit sad when the intended victim attempts to take care of their assailant – still, I’m reminded of the relation between cyanide and the smell of almonds.

Medical tests revealed she had doused her vagina with enough of the unspecified toxin to kill both her husband and herself.

Murder-suicide by vagina should make for an interesting Law & Order: SVU episode at least.

Confronted with the test results the woman reportedly confessed to her crime. It is believed she hatched the bizarre plot after asking her husband for a divorce, a request he now seems rather more likely to acquiesce to. Tvi24 says the woman has received medical treatment and sources claim her husband plans to sue her for attempted murder.

Not all chemical/orifice interactions end so well, however.

Opop noted this item from The Smoking Gun:

The 42-year-old [Tammy Warner] is facing a homicide rap for allegedly giving her husband a lethal wine enema. Why a wine enema? Well, according to cops, Michael Warner, 58, liked to drink, but was unable to guzzle sherry due to a throat ailment. So the couple opted last May for a secondary delivery method for two large bottles of the booze.

Too soon for a “hitting rock bottom” joke?

The sherry infusion drove Warner’s blood alcohol level to a whopping 0.47 and triggered his demise, according to the below indictment, which charges that Warner knew that her husband “should not ingest or consume alcohol.”

– how about a “backdoor clause” joke?

To be fair, I imagine the process of pouring two bottles into Michael required at least some cooperation to avoid, uh, puckering – although, perhaps he was will-less to stop it.

In addition to a charge of criminally negligent homicide, Warner was hit with a second felony, for allegedly burning her husband’s will one month before his May 2004 death. She destroyed the document, the indictment alleges, in a bid to “defraud or harm” others.

Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers

True Crime Tuesday: Sincerest Form of Flattery Edition

Wings 1948
As is likely true of most who enjoy a good true crime tale, I’ve long been interested in the D.B. (Dan) Cooper case – we do love a clever, bloodless, heist.

The thing is, though few details are known about Cooper, much has been recorded on the flurry of imitators who followed. Are there enough known-facts to make a D.B. movie? No – but, I propose to you, the life of Richard McCoy, Jr., not-so-cheap knockoff, is ripe for adaptation.

[Quotes from Wikipedia, though the emphasis is mine.]

McCoy was born December 7, 1942, in the town of Kinston, North Carolina, and grew up in nearby Cove City. In 1962 McCoy moved to Provo, Utah, and enrolled at Brigham Young University (BYU) before dropping out to serve a two-year tour of duty in the Army. He served in Vietnam as a demolition expert and pilot and was awarded the Purple Heart in 1964.

In 1965 McCoy returned to BYU, where he met Karen Burns. They married in August 1965 in Raleigh. By 1971 they had two children, Chanti and Richard.

A hero! A family man! A graduate of feasibly the most pious school in America! So clean cut you could cut yourself on his chin – and that’s not all!

McCoy served another term in the Army on the condition he go to Vietnam, where he was awarded both the Army Commendation Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross. Upon returning to Utah, he served as a warrant officer in the Utah National Guard and was an avid skydiver.

McCoy taught Mormon Sunday school and studied law enforcement at BYU. His purported dream was to become an FBI or CIA agent.

Clearly a man on his way to a life of crime, right?

On April 7, 1972, McCoy boarded United Airlines Flight 855 under the alias “James Johnson” during a stopover in Denver, Colorado. The aircraft was a Boeing 727 with aft stairs (the same equipment used in the D. B. Cooper incident), via which McCoy escaped in mid-flight by parachute after giving the crew similar instructions as Cooper had. McCoy had obtained a $500,000 cash ransom, and carried a novelty hand-grenade and an empty pistol.

Police began investigating McCoy following a tip from a motorist. The driver had picked up McCoy hitch-hiking at a fast-food restaurant, where McCoy was wearing a jumpsuit and carrying a duffel bag. McCoy also had described to an acquaintance how easy it would be to carry out such a hijacking.

I can only assume he was bragging to one of the kids at Sunday school.

Following fingerprint and handwriting matches, McCoy was arrested two days after the hijacking. Ironically, McCoy was on National Guard duty flying one of the helicopters involved in the search for the hijacker. Inside his house, FBI agents found a jumpsuit and a duffel bag filled with cash totaling $499,970.

That’s right: He spent, at most, $30.

Little did the Feds know, however, that they’d essentially captured a member of the A-Team.

McCoy claimed innocence, but was convicted of the hijacking and received a 45-year sentence. Once incarcerated at the Federal penitentiary at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, McCoy used his access to the prison’s dental office to fashion a fake handgun out of dental paste[.] He and a crew of convicts escaped on August 10, 1974 by commandeering a garbage truck and crashing it through the prison’s main gate.

As with most outlaw pulp tales told in the 1970’s, however, things did not end well. Still, McCoy lived the archetype to the last.

Three months later the FBI located McCoy in Virginia Beach, Virginia. News reports stated that on November 9, 1974, McCoy walked into his home and was met by FBI agents; he fired at them, and an agent fired back with a shotgun, killing McCoy.

Doc Savage March 1936

True Crime Tuesday: Lady Sings the Blues Edition

Spicy Detective - Watch the Lady

In today’s True Crime Tuesday we continue to shatter the notion of women as “the weaker sex.”

First up, let us take a moment to mark the passing of one of the most unforgettable figures in True Crime: Was the lady in question a mafia boss? A serial killer? A notorious cat burglar?


Via the ever fantastic AMMI comes this note on love and crime from ABCNews:

Linda Pugach, who was blinded in 1959 when her lover hired hit men to throw lye in her face […] has died, her husband said Thursday. She was 75.

Are you familiar with the tale of Linda’s blinding? Her husband almost certainly was, despite his denials.

Pugach, who hid behind dark glasses for the rest of her life, died Tuesday at the Long Island Jewish Hospital in Queens. The cause was heart failure, said her husband, Burton Pugach, who spent 14 years in prison for hiring […] thugs to attack [Linda] after she spurned him. He was married at the time, and the heinous attack became an instant tabloid sensation.

After his release, Pugach divorced his first wife and convinced [Linda] to marry him in 1974. He proposed to her on live television.

Disturbing? Yes, though perhaps not as unsettling as her later testimony.

“Testimony?” you may be asking: Why, yes, though not at the trial for her own blinding. Instead, she was called to her husband’s defense in regards to the OTHER mistress blinding that Burton had threatened.

Two decades after his release from prison, Pugach was accused in another case with chilling similarities but acquitted of the charges in 1997. He had been accused of threatening and harassing another lover after she tried to end their five-year affair. That woman testified that he threatened to make it “1959 all over again.”


Linda Pugach testified at that trial, describing her husband as a good man. Under cross-examination by Pugach, a disbarred lawyer who defended himself, she said couldn’t have sex with him after undergoing heart surgery in 1990.

The only clear winner in that incident may have been Pugach’s divorced first wife, but some ladies take less guff than others – from

Alec Eric Arapahoe was reportedly drunk when he went to [his grandmother and great-aunt’s] house just before midnight, according to police records.

One of the women confronted Arapahoe about being intoxicated, and “demanded he turn over his Taser device,” the arrest report stated.

She told police that’s when Arapahoe got angry, and physically blocked the women from leaving. She also said Arapahoe grabbed the phone when she tried to call police.

Scary stuff, but I’ve learned that six decades of being a lady – the women were 60 and 61 – goes a long way towards toughening up a dame.

You know those clips in which burly policemen are knocked flat by a taser demonstration? The Araphoe sisters consider those fellows whiners.

When one of the women tried to run from the apartment, Arapahoe shot her in the back with the Taser. She told police she felt the pain, and felt her back muscles tighten up, but was able to get out and call police.

The only way this story might have gotten better is if she’d went back afterwards and spanked him.

Black Mask - Big Shots Die Young

True Crime Tuesday: Snack Size Edition

Spicy Mystery, June, 1936 - Fiend's Feast

Today’s TCT brings you not one, not two, but FOUR deliciously ridiculous criminal acts.

First up on the buffet, a man with an eating problem.

Florida (of course) Today reports:

A Feast of Friends“He was driving to work, she works at a Taco Bell in Palm Bay,” Martinez said.

Can you blame either of them for being hungry?

“During the course of the drive down to work they got into a verbal argument and she basically became upset.

Well, maybe hangry.

She kind of pushed his head, and he responded by biting (her thumb).

“He bit it completely off and spit it out on the floorboard.”

Palm Bay police victim advocates are working to help the woman. Martinez said hospital staff were not able to reattach her thumb.

Well, at least his anger issues weren’t as bad as, say, one of the heirs to Barney, TV’s purple dinosaur.

Authorities say the son of a co-creator of the long-running children’s show “Barney and Friends” has been arrested for allegedly shooting a Malibu neighbor.


Whitmore says the neighbor was critically wounded but is expected to survive. Whitmore says the shooting was the result of an ongoing dispute. –

Rage is an international past time, however – even when vacationing.


High Adventure - The Green Lama: Babies for SaleAn Italian doctor didn’t realize that he was in another country with many eyes watching him.


Darius Napolitano, 41, was with his wife and two sons in the park of the resort Saturday afternoon when witnesses said he brutally kicked his 3 year old during a family argument, according to local reports.

Don’t worry though, a follow-up clarified how the doctor could have possibly done such a thing:

The police said Napolitano admitted having beaten the boy because he was misbehaving.

“I do not kick my kids in the face for nothing,” he said according to witnesses.

Apparently Robert Jarell Neal also had a reason for bloodshed, though his victims aren’t talking. has the story:

Police said Terrance Ervin Daniels, 45, [who is deaf] was walking and using sign language on East Morehead Street Wednesday afternoon, when Robert Jarell Neal saw them and stabbed Daniels multiple times.

Talk about able-ism, what could have possibly brought on such a vicious act?

Was it a hate crime?

Some argue he may have thought it was self defense.

Witnesses to [the stabbing] said the victim […] was signing with another man when a third man mistook their conversation for gang signs and attacked.

Strange Detective Mysteries

True Crime Tuesday: The Pettiest of Theft

Scratch a Thief
Today, for True Crime Tuesday, we present a trio of inappropriate appropriations.

Before we begin, however: I’d just like to say that spending quality time with your children is important, but, still, look into daycare if you’ve chosen a life of crime.


Marcy Keelin went to the Safeway store with her 10-year-old daughter about 5 p.m. on Wednesday. The two loaded up on food that they had no plans on paying for.

Keelin reportedly told her daughter to wait inside the store, near the exit doors, while she got their car. The girl’s job was to push the cart out of the store as soon as she saw her mom pulling up.

Obviously, there was no backup plan. Store officials busted the girl as she walked out the store with the groceries in tow. Mom saw this unfold, and so she did what any terrible mother would do — she drove away, leaving the kid to clean up her mess.

This may count as poor parenting, , and rather stupid, but it still has that whiff of sweaty desperation – especially evident when food is the item being stolen – that brings some sympathy for the perpetrator.

There is no such saving grace for William Keltner.

How bad was Keltner’s plan? So bad it apparently required a discussion couched in South Park-ese.


According to KTXS, Keltner’s alleged plan was as follows.

1. Take a TV worth $228 and put it in a cart.
2. Take off the TV’s real barcode and replace it with one valued at $1.17 and take it through a self-checkout line.
3. ????
4. Profit!

Now, the first two items had their comedy, but I think this last article is an idea that has legs.


For reasons unknown, a cleaning lady in Sweden allegedly stole a train around 3am morning and promptly crashed it into a home in an upscale Stockholm suburb. The twentysomething woman managed to board and start the unoccupied train at a station, and a rep for the company that operates the line says an investigation is under way into how, exactly, such a thing could happen. After reaching the last stop on the line, the train went off the tracks and into a kitchen.

Though it caused extensive damage to the home, no one inside was injured. But The Local reports that a woman, presumably the driver, was trapped in the wreckage for two hours. The driver is now in the hospital with serious injuries; she’s also facing charges of public devastation. As of this afternoon, the train was still inside the house as emergency crews determined the safest way to remove it.

Imagine, if you will, a revival of I Love Lucy by way of Breaking Bad.

Instead of a housewife falling into random misadventures, it’s a modern-day working gal falling into an occasional meth-based stupor. Ricky’s character could be changed into the overworked social worker who is constantly trying to keep her out of trouble. This, the pilot episode, would clearly end with her being ordered to clean the house she’d demolished – and right after quitting her horrible maid job!

Oh, Lucy.

Still, would today’s audiences believe she could steal a train and accidentally run it into someone’s house? Probably not.
The Avenger, Nov. 1939

True Crime Tuesday: Family Feud Edition

Shirley Jackson's The Lottery
Welcome to the first TCT of 2013! How were your holidays? Get any nifty presents? Get in any fights with family members?

Urooj Khan was, unfortunately, long gone before the year rolled over, but, if they celebrated, I’m sure his family had a gift-packed tree – and a tense holiday feast.

From CNN, emphasis is mine:

One day, Urooj Khan literally jumped for joy after scoring a $1 million winner on an Illinois lottery scratch ticket.

The next month, he was dead.

To be fair, however, it wouldn’t be much of a True Crime Tuesday if a month later he was sunning on the beaches of Morocco.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office initially ruled Khan’s manner of death natural. But after being prompted by a relative, the office revisited the case and eventually determined there was a lethal amount of cyanide in Khan’s system.o issue an amended death certificate that (established) cyanide toxicity as the cause of death, and the manner of death as homicide,” Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Steve Cina said Monday.

It’s interesting, perhaps, that the tip was called in by a relative, but I find it even more so that cyanide poisoning slipped through the first sweep for causes of death.

On June 26, Khan was all smiles at a 7-Eleven in the Rogers Park section of Chicago. Surrounded by his wife, daughter and friends, he held an oversized $1 million check and recalled his joy upon playing the “$3 million Cash Jackpot!” game, where tickets sell for $30 apiece.

He would have to wait a few weeks to collect his actual winnings, which amounted after taxes to about $425,000. According to CNN affiliate WGN, that check was issued July 19, but Khan never got to spend it.

I wonder what sort of daydreams Khan entertained in that money-less month? A new car? A new house? A new bride?

Whatever the case, someone was preparing a special sort of celebratory meal:

The next night, Khan came home, ate dinner and went to bed, according to an internal police department document obtained by the Chicago Tribune. His family later heard him screaming and took him to a local hospital, where he was later pronounced dead[.]

If it was, as I suspect, his wife, Khan really picked a winner – but to murder him the day after collecting the money? That takes Powerballs.

Ten Detective Aces 1936

True Crime Tuesday: Puppy Love Edition

Weird Tales, September 1942
Given the news currently dominating the media, I thought it would be a nice change of pace for today’s TCT to take a less-violent stance.

First up we have Michael Williams, a man who will never be considered a criminal mastermind, but who at least maintains a certain sort of persistence.

(The following quotes are all from

According to Otter Tail County Court records, Michael Wayne Williams, 20, broke into a trailer home, allegedly with the help of two others, and stole a 32-inch Vizio TV, video games and an economy size pack of Hot Pockets May 28.

The stolen items were left in a storage unit overnight before Williams and one other person drove to Pawn America in Fargo and sold the TV for $125.

How was this hungry Moriarty caught?

Police cracked the case after Williams failed to dispose of incriminating snack-food wrappers.

Yet, his life of crime was not behind him. What could possibly bring him back into the game? Love.

Puppy love.

A man called Fergus Falls police around 2:45 p.m., reporting that he observed Michael Wayne Williams break into his home […] Williams allegedly kicked in a door and took a puppy from the residence.

Williams was located by police at a relative’s home. The puppy was recovered[.]

Unfortunately, Michael isn’t the only dog fancier in the news these days, as proven by this article from

By the sound of it, Douglas Spink, a man who once made a fortune selling fitness catalogues to gyms, didn’t think he’d have to worry about animal cruelty charges in Whatcom County.

This, despite the fact law enforcement there had collected piles of evidence to suggest he operated a bizarre bestiality farm out of Sumas, Wash, and has already convicted and deported one man because of it.

As Caleb Hutton of the Bellingham Herald detailed, “four stallions, seven large-breed male dogs and a cage full of 13 mice, each coated in a lubricant” were seized from Spink’s home[.]


The charges seek to ban Spink from owning animals for life.

Ranch Romances, 1936

True Crime Tuesday: Call Patch Adams Edition

Ten Detective Aces, 1941
No joke, some True Crime Tuesday’s basically write themselves.

In this case, it’s hard to say who stepped on whose (possibly over-sized) shoes first, but clearly this punched punch will be spending a few days with an involuntary red nose.

Enough clowning around, however – this video has the full story:

[youtube_sc url=””]

(Note the stuffed animal: Clearly it decided to simply grin and bear it.)