mixed riches

In the first grade there were two films I experienced that may have really shaped part of who I would become, one was Jason and the Argonauts, and I think it’s influence is obvious – but the other, the other was this short film about Bonnie Consolo, who manage(d/s) her daily affairs while armless:


I believe the rest of the film can also be found on the youtube.

The lessons of Bonnie Consolo were maybe less obvious to my classmates, but as it’s rattled around my brain over the years I have to wonder how much of my acceptance of, and interest in, things outside the norm were formed by being shown this strong, different, extremely capable Mother.

And now, years later, I have the opportunity to reach back into the dusty corners of my skull and re-examine the whole thing – an opportunity provided by an amputee fetishist?

Thanks, Internet?

Well –

I realize I had supposedly abandoned this blog, but various aspects of posterous, and content management in general, have driven me back here.

I like posterous in a lot of ways, but the lack of design options is frustrating. I’ve come to enjoy a stark black and white theme, but there are certain widgets I’ve come to need, (like being able to run an RSS feed in the side bar,) and it’s just not happening over there.

The other issue is being able to slide my content from one site to another, and no free blog host I’ve come across rivals the versatility of wordpress’ import and export.

So, here I am again, back with a slightly altered theme, and unlikely to move until I’ve gotten the time and scratch up to find a proper host and pick up a domain name.


image from The Dark Crystal
My eye was recently caught by an aging print ad for the collector’s edition of The Dark Crystal, not so much for the movie, but for the replica notepad that they were offering as an extra. The notepad isn’t a copy of a prop from the film, but a reprinting of Jim Henson’s own notebook from the time of production.

As someone with a morbid interest in the creative processes of others, the tiny picture of the plain yellow legal pad is of the same flavour of teasing-promise-that-could-never-pan-out that scratchy black and white ads for x-ray specs or blurry action sets from Sears’ Christmas Wish Book once held.