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The Venerable Visible V8

The Visible V8

I was digging through picasa the other day and came across this image I shot in the wood paneled basement of an extended family member.

Sweetest Kit Ever.

As a kid I would have gotten about half way through assembly and lost interest, but now that I’m an old man I know how to covet a toy properly.

(By assembling it once, then leaving it somewhere to safely gather dust.)

Maybe for my next ebay-birthday.

Country Life

Living in the country can be weird.

When I came home last night I noticed our mailbox had been vandalized, the door was off and a corner of the body shattered. My first assumption was that it had fallen victim to some mailbox baseball, but then I took a closer look:

Trashed Mailbox

Apparently someone knocked it clean from its post, but decided to correct the situation by re-attaching it with a generous helping of electrical tape. I have to wonder how long someone was standing at the end of my driveway frantically winding the black roll round and round, just trying to get the thing relatively sturdy.

Frankly, I would have preferred a note of apology – or maybe a  twenty.


The ColonelI’m under the weather and over-medicated, so please pardon me if I take a ramble:

Back in the late ’90s the internet was a bit of a wild frontier. People hadn’t really figured out what they were and weren’t allowed to get up to, and nothing that happened online seemed quite real in the classic sense.

At the time I was an impressionable youth who felt he needed more respect, so I joined the clergy. It wasn’t an easy thing to do back then, it involved some emailing back and forth as I recall, but I’m glad to see these days the process is more automated.

I’ve never performed a marriage, but I rest better knowing that I legally could. (In case of emergency.)

The discovery that the system had been simplified got me thinking about expanding my proper title. If I can scrape a few hundred dollars together I should be able to get my doctorate, making me The Reverend Doctor Skinner.

If I can then rescue a Southern Belle and get myself a Kentucky Colonelcy – Reverend Colonel Doctor Skinner –  it should be a short leap to British Knighthood – Sir Reverend Colonel Doctor Skinner*.

(As a side note: I was unaware until recently that esquire was a title bestowed on people who weren’t quite Knights, but who were also better than your average Gentleman. So says wikipedia.)

*or maybe The Reverend Doctor Colonel, Sir Skinner? Hmm.

New Year's Maintenance Notes

I haven’t been posting any Functional Friday info lately, mostly due to baby and holiday madness.

I haven’t been useless though, I’ve been attempting to putty in the stray moments with writing, a process which is actually going fairly well. I’ve had to toss the idea of the serial as it stood – I still believe it’s a great idea, but I don’t think I have enough ignition-point eyeballs to make it work. If I happen to get some people clustered around me who care from the get go it might fly, but without that support it might just come across as too messy to get into.

I still have plans to generate some kind of serial project, just not the one I’ve been working at the last couple of months. More info on this when my brain provides some.

In the mean time I’ve been working on another piece, lets call it Project: Lukas & Nan, and it’s chugging along nicely. A bit pulpy, but sometimes that’s how I like it. It’s approximately 2.5% done. That may not sound like much, but Rome, yadda yadda.

(Also, Jessica May has an interesting theory about Tiger Woods and his Dad, if she ever gets around to posting it.)


I’m really just listing these items in the hope that enumerating them will somehow help them pass out of my brain – here’s the stress list from the last two months:
  • My own swine flu infection, with a pregnant lady in the house
  • Fretting over the kids once they’ve contracted swine flu
  • The baby decides to come a month before he’s supposed to
  • A week back and forth to the hospital worrying over the baby
  • Jessica May’s Grandfather is diagnosed with bone cancer
  • Jessica May’s Dad passes after a long illness

Which feels a little like:


Functional Friday

I’m five scripts away from completing the first batch of strips for the gag comic. Its my intention to kick those out this weekend, and hopefully hassle the artist about getting the first few drawn. It’d be nice to come back Monday with something to post here as a teaser.

I’m completing second edits on the first small ‘arc’ of the serial story, and I really need to start moving the words from their scripts and into the design phase. I want to present it in a series of screenshots: a blog, a news story, I.M.s, etc, and I’m concerned that the story threads are going to get muddled in the transitions. It’s definitely leading me to believe its time to start laying things out and see how it looks. I’m sort of wondering if I should take Scott Sigler’s words of advice, (even though he was talking about podcasting your novel,) and complete the whole story before beginning any of it.

A Dubyah Mystery solved!


This is a screen cap from an episode of the ’60s Spiderman cartoon that floated up at me from the TV aether of darkest night, while I was tending a sick child.

I’m not sure if there was a time when the “Texas pronunciation” was more common, or if this is actually an indicator of a horrible ultra-power that lies above and beyond fission/fusion.

The episode, Specialists and Slaves, can be found on the youtube:

[youtube_sc url=]

Part 1

[youtube_sc url=]

Part 2