More Wild Things

CNN has an article up reporting that some parents are complaining about the Where The Wild Things Are movie.

Might I suggest they stick to watching things more their speed, and leave the good movies for the kids smart enough to understand them.

Here’s something they can get excited about:


[If I wasn’t clear enough in my last post, I thought the film was fantastic, and so did the two six year olds I brought with me.]

Top Go Go Putt Putt

As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve recently plugged the TV back into the feeding tubes. It’s definitely had me thinking about the entertainments I blow time on, and a post earlier today by Warren Ellis – regarding the BBC show Top Gear – reminded me of a thought I wanted to follow through.

First though, Ellis’ statement:

Does it not bother anyone that the most beautifully and ambitiously shot (and soundtracked) programme on BBC television is in fact TOP GEAR? – more

He later adds that he’s a fan of the show, and I should mention that I am as well, but I shouldn’t be. I’m not a big car guy – sure, cars are a neat technology that I appreciate for getting me places, but I couldn’t identify 95% of the cars I pass on the road, nor do I spend Friday nights watching Cannonball Run. Still, if I pass an episode of Top Gear while flipping through the guide, I can’t help but stop.


First a sample to demonstrate:


It’s a four wheeled box, but how can you not take on Jeremy Clarkson’s enthusiasm?

More importantly though: the huge industrial set (watch for the wrecked truck in the background), the kinetic camera movement and editing, the soundtrack, and of course the ridiculously expensive, high speed appliances – everything on the show feels crafted to the hilt – it’s design fetishism, top to bottom.

Self-serve drive thru

Things have been madness lately, pregnancy should really come with a hibernation period – for everyone involved. I did however come up with a quick list of creative gift ideas for those people who will shortly be hassling me for birthday/Christmas suggestions.

  • An audible subscription – Audible is an audio book site that has a library full of stuff I’d like to have on my iPhone.
  • If none of the others on this list tickles your fancy, a Kivo certificate would make an excellent choice. Essentially it’s the equivalent of giving cash, but in the interim the money is micro-lent to people in need. Feel good about not putting any thought into your gift!

notes from break time

Family Feud w/ Richard Dawson – Season 8, ep. 01

Question: “Crimes everyone considers committing.”

Answers already up: 1) Shoplifting 2) Murder

Creepy guy in the dark suit, after much deliberation: “I hate to admit it, but sometimes I consider rape?”

C’mon ’80s, what the..?

Queer Movie Selections?

Strange Offering

This is a screenshot from my satellite TV provider’s website – it’s one of those outfits where you can select a number of packages to make up your larger channel line up. In fact, these are two of the possible packages you can select. Can you spot the difference?

Why the need for the two separate packages? Are there really hillbillies out there who can’t handle having one channel of the gay?

Have You Seen This Spider?

Unknown Spider

I came across this monster a few weeks ago, while on a walk with my pup, Mina. There isn’t much for size reference, but this was easily the largest spider I have ever seen – its body was maybe the size of a jawbreaker.

Does anyone have any idea what species this beast is? I’d like to get it identified before it gathers its strength to attack Tokyo.

The Good Earth (The Odd Casting Choices)

Paul Muni as Wang, The Farmer

I’ve got half an eye on The Good Earth, with Paul Muni, on Turner Classic Movies.

I can believe Muni as the Chinese farmer, Wang. Muni is great at his craft and he seems to have approached the role in earnest – but the actor playing his Dad sounds like Pa Kettle; I keep expecting the camera to find this aging “Asian” father, knee deep in a rice paddy, only to have him start shouting about not messing with Texas.

Update: Welcome TCM Viewers – if you enjoyed this post, please check out the rest of the site!

imeem Nested Fails

At some point I signed up for imeem, and promptly forgot about it.

Lately though, I’ve been getting ping backs from their internal messaging system requesting I check out the spam I’ve accrued. I gave in today – mostly in an effort to remind myself of what had originally interested me – but when I attempted to log in, I came up blank for a password.

Fine, so I used ye standard reset password link, and that’s where things got interesting: after clicking the emailed link, I was told I needed to be logged in to reset my password.

Yikes, better find a method to send something off to mention the function is busted.

The only method I can find to make contact is to log in to their forum.